Meijing lenses review
Meijing lenses review

Hi guys, today I want to show you this lenses model from Meijing!

Psst, kupiłam je dzięki Kaeru! Więc jeśli chcielibyście takie kupić w Polsce zapraszam do niej!


Base Curve: 8.5mm
Diameter: 13.9mm 
Water Content: 40%

Color – 7/10

Actually the color is not so important because the black color is preponderant. When I’m wearing them I can’t see what color they got, blue, green or whatever. But mine are blue, trust me!

Comfort – 8/10

My eyes were getting tired after ~12 hours so this is not so bad!

Enlargement – 7/10

They are as you see a bit smaller than the other ones so they got very small enlargement. If you want a natural look they are perfect!


I’m feeling fine in them, they are looking natural. But if you want to change your eyes color try with other ones unless they can be good replacement for just black lenses.

Aaaand of course photo of my eyes in those lenses

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